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Month: March 2016

Dance class

Polish Language school along with the PSC is organizing a social dance class for anyone interested The first edition of this meeting will commence on Tuesday, and will continue for eight weeks. Meetings will take place on 177 Kent Street. 1) Kids aged 10+ have to sign up at 6:30. 2) Adults - signing up begins at 7:30. The course runs for 8 weeks, meetings take place once a week on...
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"Polish poetry is one of the great poetries of the world, and these cosmopolitan, multilingual poets speak to each other--and to us--across the decades, overcoming a great silence, redirecting the myths, reimagining the role of the poet, and the nature of poetry itself. Scattering the Dark is a useful, subversive, even necessary anthology." - Edward Hirsch Join five of Poland’s leading contempora...
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Painting classes in the PSC

The paining class is lead by Prof. Zacharow who lectures in the Pratt Institute in NYC. Those attending will be able to paint an auto portrait, or a portrait of one of his loved ones, as well as a galloping horse or a favourite landschaft (hehehe, nie no daj landscape). Its up for you to decide what the topic of your artwork will be (oil or acrylic) Learn the intricacies of the progress of c...
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„Wolves Trail” run

„Wolves Trail” run, commemorating the martyrdom of "Cursed Soldiers" took place in Queens. A large group of local Polonia met at the public park in Queens to participate in the „Wolves Trail” run, which commemorates the martyrdom of the „Cursed Soldiers”. The initiator and organizer of the run in New York was the Piłsudski institute, which joined the Polish-wide Fundation of Freedom and Democracy...
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Piano Recital – Robert Bronchard

On Saturday, March 12 the Polish and Slavic Center will play host to the Spring piano recital, in which a young Polish artist will take the stage. Robert Bronchard was born in 1994 in New York City. His involvement with the piano started after he decided to follow his older sister’s footsteps and sign up for lessons. He started taking piano lessons at the age of 7 at KOBO Music Studio, and after ...
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